coffee break ver. 1.33

A new coffee break topic from Jan:

It really depends if I am driving or not, and if my ride was a car or public transportation :)

If I'm driving, there's really not much I can do--
  • I think -- about a lot of things -- a good blog topic, my son's birthday celebration, a good money-making venture, problematic cases, etc.
  • I answer text messages, but only when I'm on full stop.
  • I listen to the radio, mostly news. This way, I can at least catch up on news.
  • I've tried some audio books before and I've always thought it would be a great idea to listen to them on the car. I shelved the idea though, when I realized that I couldn't concentrate on driving while listening intently. But I do think this would be a good idea for those long stretches of traffic.
If I'm a passenger in a private car --
  • I talk to the one who's driving! That way we're both distracted from the traffic.
  • If I'm very tired and sleepy, I try to sleep.
If I'm a passenger in a bus or a jeep or even the LRT, I actually spend most of my time to make sure my bag and stuff are safe from pickpockets and snatchers!