New Mattresses?

We have been sleeping on a mat on the floor for quite a while. This is because we co-sleep and we find that it's much safer if we don't sleep on the bed platform since there is virtually no chance for our little boy to fall off the bed when we're already sleeping on the floor. Since we're not using a mattress though, it's pretty hard on our backs!

I cannot wait for the day that we finally buy new mattresses, since the mat, although cushioned, is not exactly that comfortable. We have been talking about buying a luxury mattress, but most of them are so expensive! We want an affordable luxury mattress, if there is such a thing. Apparently, there is! If you want to check them out, click here.

We'd also want to gradually introduce our little boy to sleep on his own. I know some people think we're spoiling him by letting him sleep with us at the age of almost-three. But we do that for various reasons -- cultural (we're a Filipino Chinese couple), practicality (we only have 1 small room to ourselves) and more importantly, because we want to keep an eye on him because of his prior health problems (while he cannot express his problems too much yet).