Toys For Ethan!

My son's third birthday is less than a month away. My husband and I are excitedly planning for a simple school celebration on this day. Of course, we also want to give him a gift on his special day. Since Ethan is already showing signs of analytical thinking at this early age, we are thinking that any one of the best selling toys from Atomic Elephant Science and Toy Company might not only pique his interest, but also make him learn about Science in a fun way.

I grew up during the Martial Law era when good toys are scarce, so my parents bought our toys whenever they went to Hong Kong for business. They would look for the best selling toys there and bring them to us as pasalubong (going home gifts), together with oranges and apples. These things are hard to find in Manila during those times. To think we do not think a lot about these things nowadays. Maybe it's just the sign of the times. Those were the times when austerity was the rule.

Thankfully, our kids don't have that problem anymore. We can buy them practically anything they want, if we want to. We do have to control our spending, though.