Pottery Making, Anyone?

This is a rather old movie from the early 1990s, "Ghost". It was such a hit during that time that women started sporting short hairdos like Demi Moore had on the movie. Probably the scene that was the most popular (and the most lampooned) was the scene where Demi Moore was making a clay bowl and Patrick Swayze put his hands on hers, with "Unchained Melody" playing the background.

That movie probably inspired a lot of women to go into pottery making as a craft, not knowing that it's not as easy as it looks. In fact, centering clay is quite tricky. It takes practice to get it right. There are schools around teaching clay pottery making to enthusiasts. This includes teaching wheel throwing but this is admittedly not an easy task. Good thing there's now a Quickcenter device for making it a bit easier to center clay in ceramic pottery making, manufactured by AMACO/Brent. So, do check them out if you're interested in pottery making as a hobby or as a business.