Donate A Car

I just found out that if I have a car that I no longer want or need and cannot sell it for whatever reason, I can actually Donate My Car for a worthy cause. Carangels, an organization with they tag line "Help Us Help Others" accept Car Donations, in whatever condition they are in, whether or not they are still running. That may be a good option especially for cars who no longer have a significant market value. The foundation will tow your car for free. I will also get an instant receipt for the fair market value of the car. I can supposedly even use this receipt for tax deductions.

What does Carangel do for their charity work anyway? The following are only a small part of the good works that they do:

  • They do various charity works for different sectors. For example, unded the education, feeding and training materials for hundreds of school children in Africa, India and Central America and built a school for 10,000 in Uganda.
  • Their on going partnership with Mercy Ships, Compassion and World Vision has provided operations and needed medicine for thousands.
  • They have also has provided transportation, housing and food for hurricane drought, and tsunami victims.
They also have other programs, but the above programs are the ones which really caught my eye.

Donate Car and do good by actually getting rid of something that may be something you no longer want or need. It may make a lot of difference in somebody else's life. And for you? Not only do you get to remove a car from your garage (and maybe get to replace it), instead of money, you get a lot more in return. You get good "karma" because you are ultimately trying to help others through this method.


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