Looking Medical

It is sad for me that here in the Philippines, people automatically assume women in hospital scrubs or even white uniforms are yayas (nannies). There is really nothing wrong with nannies -- it's an honorable job. It is just that sometimes people do not really give a lot of respect to people -- especially women -- in such medical uniforms because they think that these people are servants and should be ordered about. I used to be so proud when I finally got to wear scrubs because that meant that I had achieved something and finally is able to enter the operating room to assist in surgeries. Yes, that's what the scrubs were originally for. They are very comfortable clothing, much like pajamas, so they make jobs so much easier. That's probably why they thought of putting nannies in scrubs, and we have to admit it's more practical. And, of course, that's more business for the local scrubs industry.

But maybe there might be a compromise to that. There's a difference between the ordinary scrubs that can be bought in tiangges (flea markets) and the better looking, more official looking nurses scrub jackets, maybe with a name tag or ID. Maybe ditch the scrubs with cartoon characters (save those for the nannies) and just use either solid colors or more subdued designs. Maybe embroider the last name on the front, even put the patch of the hospital or clinic you're working in so people will know you for who you are.