BP Monitoring

Do you have a family member with hypertension? If so, it is important for you to have his or her blood pressure regularly checked. Almost all clinics and hospitals have their own blood pressure monitors and will gladly check the blood pressure for you or your relative, but it's not a practical idea if you have to go there everyday just to have a blood pressure measurement.

Fortunately, there is now a wide variety of blood pressure monitors available on the market for consumers to choose from. These blood pressure monitors range from the more conventional, gold standard mercurial types which is the one used by more doctors and hospitals, to aneroid types, to automatic types, now including those which can be placed on the wrists, thus can be used by the patient even without somebody else's assistance. Although there may be an issue of accuracy, at least there is now a way to monitor your own blood pressure without having to go see a health professional each and every time.