Modern or Classic Furniture?

The answer is: I really cannot decide!

I have already mentioned before that I would love to have my own house. I know I would be happy if I have my own place to decorate, but more importantly, to call my own.

Even if I still do not have my dream home, I am gradually forming ideas about the look that I would like for it. Do you prefer the look of Classic or Modern Furniture? Personally, I like Modern Furniture in office and work settings since they look neat and, well, modern, with clean, uncomplicated lines. But these also work for homes, especially if the overall theme of the room decors is a more hip, modern look. On the other hand, classic furniture are timeless in design. I think what's important is that there is an overall "look" for the whole place. For example, if you decide to go modern, go modern all the way. Don't mix Classic Furniture or Decors with Modern Furniture, otherwise, there will be a lack of harmony in the whole picture.

I like the clean lines of modern pieces, but I like the timelessness of the classics. So, I'm really not that decided yet. Oh well, there's still time for me to dream up my ideal home since we do not have it yet. :)


Anonymous said...

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