Wanting A Better Signal.....

My mother is still confined mostly to her room after her accident (see previous post). Good thing there's the TV or she would have been even more bored than she already is. Unfortunately for her though, the TV she has been using for more than 9 years went bonkers -- just lost its sound. Since she had been coveting a flat screen TV for quite some time already (either plasma or LCD, I never really knew the difference) and she knows somebody in the appliance business, she decided to buy one.

She was excited when her new TV came because she was expecting a much clearer picture of her favorite Taiwanese soap opera (via cable). She was a bit disappointed to find that the signal was not as clear as she anticipated -- not like what is shown in appliance stores. She was told it was because of the quality of the signal from the cable TV provider. DVD movies would have looked nicer though, but she hasn't tried it yet.

This makes me wonder if getting DirectSatTV would be a better option for her? I've often heard that signals from DirectSatTV are much better when compared to the usual cable TV that we are using. Prices are supposed to be more reasonable too. I just wonder if they are available in our area and if they air Mom's favorite soap opera series.

I guess we have nothing to lose by checking out the specs and prices of DirectSatTV. With such a high tech TV that Mom has, it's a shame if the signal she's getting is good enough to maximize its potential clarity.