Ethan is 2!

Ethan turned 2 last September 16. We didn't have a big celebration this time around. We just had the traditional Chinese birthday misua for breakfast and invited my relatives from my father's side. In the afternoon, my in-laws came over and feasted on merienda consisting of barbecue, cheesecake (for the birthday cake), tortilla chips, birthday misua, ice cream, sapin sapin and softdrinks. My brothers were on hand to take some pictures.

Last year, the celebration was bigger. We had it at McDonald's Greenhills, with games, a mascot, balloons, lootbags, and more than a hundred guests. My brother was the photo video man and my husband's niece distributed the glimmer tattoo stickers. My son, who wasn't walking yet at that time, was sleepy throughout most of the party (because he still had 2 naps a day and that was the time for his afternoon nap).

My son was happier on his 2nd birthday celebration. I think it's because he now has a concept of "birthday", "party" and is much more sociable. If we had the McDo party this year rather than last year, we'd probably see him running around laughing like he did in our small celebration.

He's now very malikot and makulit. I thank God everyday that he is healthy and happy! My wish for him is for him to continue being the healthy and happy child that he is. He is such a blessing to our family!