The Aftermath...Counting my Blessings

Part I -- Blighted ovum
Part II -- Hydatidiform mole

I looked forward to being discharged from the hospital because my little boy is turning 2 by September 16. I was originally scheduled to be discharged either September 14 or 15 because I was still being given Methotrexate intramuscularly as prophylactic chemotherapy. Since my husband and I were both doctors, however, my gynecologist decided that I could go home on September 13. My husband could administer the last dose of chemotherapy. I could just monitor myself for any untoward symptoms. Thank goodness!

I have a new respect for patients undergoing chemotherapy. I had a 5 day cycle of low dose methotrexate. But I felt awful during that time! The nausea, vomiting, anorexia, abdominal pain...and to think that my symptoms were considered mild! I can only imagine what patients with a higher dose regimen for longer periods of time go through! Especially if their illnesses also cause a lot of discomfort in the first place!

I also had a headache, a quite severe dull headache with accompanying nape pain. I thought I was just suffering from stiff neck because I was put in bed rest for for so long. I thought I was wimpy (or maybe I am :P). I was told that it was the effect of the spinal anesthesia.

But enough of the ranting...this post should be mainly about the good things. Things that I count as blessings during this episode in my life...

I am blessed with a wonderful husband who actually said that if it comes to choice between a hysterectomy and no other kids AND my life, he'd rather that I live. That came about when there was a question if it were a choriocarcinoma or an H. mole. Thankfully, it WAS an H. mole which is benign and had a good prognosis after treatment.

I am blessed with a loving mother. For all her sternness and strict rules, she loves us unconditionally. She took care of my son while I was still in the hospital and even when I was at home resting. Since we just had a D&C and was a little bit low on funds, she lent us the cash we needed to pay for my hospitalization.

I am blessed with brothers who gave me words of encouragement, obtained the necessary blood for me and also helped take care of my little boy.

I am blessed with in-laws who understood what I went through and gave me support and encouragement. My sister-in-law also helped by staying with me at the hospital when my husband could not.

I am blessed with a little angel who shows me in his little ways his love and support. I am thankful that he has a nanny who takes good care of him so I would not have to worry too much about him.

I am blessed that I live and enjoy all the good things...which, I sometimes overlook. Sometimes it really takes a sad event to make us realize how truly blessed we are.