Play Pilipinas starts today!

Being the mother of 2 spirited children is something, that while enjoy, is also tiring for me most of the time. Blame it on the fact that this working mom is already in my forties. I simply cannot match the energy of the youngsters. That's why I do not know how a mother of eight, like Sigrid Sabarre Perez manages to do it. But I do agree with her that we cannot and should not stop children from playing, because it is what they do. It is through playing that children learn best.

However, how do we maximize play so children can benefit more?  How do we ensure safety for children at play?  Where do we find places for children to play?  What types of toys are suitable for our children?

Play Pilipinas, the brainchild of Sigrid, tries to answer these questions. And for the first time ever in the Philippines,a convention devoted solely to play is going to be held starting today!

So what's in it for people who are interested?

  • Exclusive discussions on the latest tools, theories and techniques on Play, delivered by experts and luminaries from fields such as Education, Child Development, Psychology and Marketing. 
  • Exciting workshops that illustrate the benefits of active play hands-on. Among these are workshops that interweave music and art into play.
  • Exhibits from toy designers, manufacturers and distributors showcasing the latest in toys, playground equipment, books, fashion and lots of other innovations.
  •  Winners of Make Space for Play Design Challenge.

For more info, head on to  

There's even a discount coupon available at Ensogo for those who would like to avail of the workshops.  (Click here to join Ensogo if you're not yet a member.)

So get serious about play!  It's not "just" playing.  For kids, it's how they develop and how they learn.