About Haircuts

I used to have long hair. When I was already planning to get married, I refused to cut my hair because I wanted long hair that could be artfully styled during my wedding itself. It's also the hairstyle that my then-boyfriend (now husband) prefers on me.

But last February, I decided to bite the bullet and have it way shorter than my usual do. I was required by my mother to have a haircut in preparation for Chinese New Year. I decided to go for a short, stylish bob since my long hair was always pulled by my toddler. The weather was also getting hot and I find myself pulling my hair back in a ponytail most of the time!

I loved my new hair! It actually made me look a lot younger and more stylish. It's also very easily maintained -- wash and wear actually! It's now 2 months after that haircut and although it's a little longer, it still looks good! I get compliments whenever old friends and relatives see me.

I'm thinking of having it cut a little shorter again because it now brushes my nape and I'm feeling the heat, but, well, I'm still enjoying my look now :).