For Paranoid Moms Like Me

When I was a teenager, I always resented my mom for making me keep a curfew and going after me if I went to parties. I could not understand why she could not trust that I could take care of myself. Now that I am a mother myself, I could understand that what she did not trust was not me, but the people and circumstances around me. Females are especially vulnerable in such situations. It didn't help that that was the time before cellular phones became popular and everyone had one.

Now that I have a son, I worry whenever I do not see him. In a mall, I would have his nanny watch over him, but even if I knew he was with her, I would be a bit paranoid and worry that she might have carried him off without my knowledge. I would also worry about potential kidnappers, especially since my son had Chinese features. I am happy that technology such as GPS units developed by GTX Corp could now be utilized in order to track people in real time on Google maps. The fact that these devices are small and rather inconspicuous would make it even more useful for us paranoid and worrywart moms.


techie-mommy said...

I am a paranoid mom too. I work full time and worry about my toddler son all day. I know he is safe and with my mother in law, but still. I remember asking my mom months after having my son, when does it get easier, she replied once he gets older and sleeps and eats better you won't be so tired and it will get easier, than later I asked when I stop worrying so much, she looked at me and said, when I figure that one out I will let you know. I guess the worry part never goes away.

theworkingmom said...

Maybe worrying in an inherent part of being a mom :). Thanks for visiting!