This (busy) week in summary

This has been a busy, busy week! We have started Ethan (finally!) on toddler school and he seems to be enjoying himself there. He's still not quite a good student, since he's always late -- he's used to waking up at around 8:00, has a loooonnnnggg breakfast and a bath before leaving for school, which starts at 8:30. Good thing the school is just in the neighborhood. We jittery parents try to accompany him every single day. That's on top on our clinic schedule! Whew! School is tiring even for parents! It's worth it, though. I'll blog more about this later.

So please excuse me if I've been a little remiss with responses, tags and bloghops. I've taken to doing these when my boys are asleep -- but by then I'm also quite sleepy so I don't do much na.

In the meantime, if you're interested in what doctor bloggers have to say, we just had a blog carnival of Pinoy MD bloggers here. My contribution is here. The others are pretty good reads. I've only read some of them (since there are a lot), but they've all been proven to be very personal and very human.

I've also gotten to meet Jan and we had quite a chat. She bought some stuff from me (Thanks!) It is always nice to see other n@wies because most of time, you feel that it's not the first time you've met even if it is.


Happymommi said...

wow toddler school...naks big boy na =D