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Most of my circle of blogger friends are either mommy bloggers like me, or doctor bloggers. It's easy to see why. We often gravitate to those we relate more to. But I do some blogsurfing and come upon other blogs that are not related to either being a mommy or a blogger. Also I get to see blogs from people outside the country. That's the beauty of blogging. Blog for You is one of sites I've surfed to today. It's a Personal Business Blog written by an Indonesian man, and it focuses more on his hobbies and experiences , mostly online. What I like about this site is that he doesn't ramble on (like I do) and says things directly and to the point. Just like a man, perhaps, but some men's blogs do tend to ramble too and it's more painful for me because I don't have the same interests as they do. This blog has kept most entries short and sweet and to the point. That makes it a lot more readable than a lot of other blogs. This looks promising.


Hans said...

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theworkingmom said...

Thanks, Hans. I'm already a member of SR :)