Coffee Break Version 1.7

This weeks challenge by Jan:

Share with everyone the fondest memory you have of you and your family.

There are simply so many! There's the good, the bad and the ugly. I think I'll just stick with the good for now :D.

  • Vacations with the family! My favorite would be the Summer of 1991. Because I truly felt that our family bonded through that memorable road trip. This was a trip taken by my Dad, my Mom, my brothers and I. I hope that I'll be able to have another trip like that with my children.
  • My wedding day -- Finally getting married to the man I love. And he's proving that he's worth all the trouble that came before the wedding itself. Everytime I see him I thank the Lord for bringing us together. Not everybody is that fortunate. And, of course --
  • Our honeymoon trip! -- This is brief 3 day 2 night Hong Kong trip. We stayed in a pension house instead of a hotel because it was peak season then. But we were able to cover most of the places we want to go to.
  • The birth of my son -- I've always wanted to be a mother. I am so fortunate that I got pregnant not long after I got married.
  • Family dinners, especially when my mom did the cooking. Also, we used to have dinners outside every Sunday at a restaurant which we always looked forward to.
  • Conversations with grandparents. Their stories always inspire.
  • All my son's milestones!
  • House hunting! Back in the early nineties, we decided to look for a house. The house hunting is a fun adventure with the whole family! I loved looking at houses for sale, and discussing with the family the pros and cons of each house.
  • Weddings in the family. Birthdays in the family.
  • Cooking with grandma! My grandmother is a traditional Chinese housewife. Certain special dishes are events at our house. The making of lumpia (spring rolls), ma tsang, zhong gwan i (potato flour balls with peanut filling) etc. is often an endeavor with all the female members :). We didn't have that for many years already :(
There are so many more! This is all I can think of for the time being.

There are also the "bad" ones. Truth is, I believe that everything -- good memories, bad memories, bonding, quarelling, fighting, celebrations -- every little thing brings my family closer together.