The most unforgettable vacation

For me, it would definitely be the Summer of 1991. I know it was already a long time ago, but the memories are etched very clearly on my mind as if it happened only yesterday. We still have the videos of that trip, but they are all in Betamax format and the photos are prints from films. I hope I would be able to convert them into digital files.

What made the trip memorable was the bonding that our family had. It was a road trip through the West coast of USA with no set itinerary. I wish we could have that same experience with my husband and kid/s someday. A local trip would have been nice, since the Philippines has so many beautiful places. But sadly, it's not easy to do a road trip here because we don't have as many good roads and lodging facilities along the way. It's more of a "road trip to a specific location". Maybe when my kid/s are old enough, the roads will be better and we'll have more lodging places along the way. I hope I won't be too old to enjoy it by then. :)