Wedding Q and A's

1. Your top 'Moment' during the preparation (for both married and unmarried members)

  • Getting my gown and accessories -- "This is it! I'm getting married!"
2. Your top 'Moment' during the Wedding Day (for married ones lang)
  • My walk. It was short, sweet but meaningful. I met my mother and uncle (who took the place of my father, who had already passed away) a few steps from the entrance, kissed my mom and walked with them until we reached my groom.
3. Nicest thing done to you (wedding preps/wedding related; by anybody either your supplier, entourage, friends, family, fiance or even W@W sis/brod, basta an 'aaawwww' moment)

It's plural -- nicest THINGS done to me...
  • my surprise wedding shower at a spa -- organized by w@wies who came to be my friends
  • a whole box of wines given by my uncle during the wedding. Because of budget constraints, we decided not to serve wine. I actually asked the waiter who poured red wine where it came from and how much it cost (!) then he told me that someone gave a whole box as a gift and pointed out my Uncle Sev.
  • the support of my extended family. You know how much that meant to me :)
  • people actually making it to the wedding rites and the reception despite the heavy rains and the awful traffic. The chapel was full! I felt so loved. :)
  • The sermon by our priest (the best I've heard in a wedding!) and the speech by the Head Abbess in my mom's temple (she's Buddhist)
4. Married life is... (for married members, this will help the brides as they will know what to expect) not limited to one reply
  • all about compromise.
  • not all romance.
  • needs constant communication
5. Things that went wrong in my wedding (for married members) doesn't have to be just one answer
  • It rained. Heavily.
  • Traffic was VERY bad.
  • The sound system.
  • The cake was not served.
Thankfully, the last 2 were not really noticed by the guests. The first 2 naman, well, we had no control over that!

6. Things I splurged and will splurge on. Max of 3 answers lang pls. (we will tally thing kasi and get the Top answers)
  • The food!!!
  • The photos and video.
7. Your bridal march song (indicate both what you will actually use and what you wish to use if ever it is different from what you will use)
  • The Wedding March from "The Midsummer Night's Dream" -- I know it's no longer uso (in fashion) but I've always felt emotional with this song and felt that this was THE song for weddings.
8. Your first dance song
  • Inseparable by Natalie Cole
Side story: Should have been "The Nearness of You". But for some reason, the sound system people didn't tell me that they don't have it (they burned the CDs used in the reception. Lesson learned: prepare your own CD of songs to be played.

9. Possible DIY's for your wedding (pls indicate which are the ones you did or will do)
  • Missalette - my w@w sisters & I actually did this :)
10. What you think are the wrong reason to marry. Name as many we will filter pa naman eh.
  • Too "old" to wait
  • Baby on the way
  • To satisfy other people
11. I learned that a wedding....
  • ...and its preparation is actually a practice for married life. You get to learn to budget, to compromise with your fiance, to prioritize things...
12. Advice to a bride planning her wedding (my most important tip)
  • On the day itself, just relax and let go...there's really nothing else you can do. Just enjoy your big day.
13. I wish... (on wedding, wedding preps etc etc whatever)
  • ...that my Dad were around and that he and my mom rode with me in the bridal car and walked with me towards my groom...


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awesome Q&A's!
thanks for sharing them with us. :)