Team Sports USA

The United States is such a diverse country. The different states I've been to reflect different personality, given its difference in cultures, landscapes, industries, and people. One thing that's common, though, for a lot of Americans, is their love for sports. Unlike here in the Philippines where there is very little interest in spectator sports except for basketball and boxing (especially with Manny Pacquiao's successes), the Americans enjoy watching and cheering their home team in a lot of different team sports. The most popular appear to be baseball, basketball, football and ice hockey, although they are also into other sports. I don't think their present economic crisis changes any of that.

That's why I would like to get Yankee Stadium Tickets when I get the chance to visit New York, Fenway Park Tickets in Boston and Wrigley Field Tickets in Chicago. I'd like to have a feel of the sports spirit that is somehow not here when we watch sports other than basketball here in the Philippines. Of course, these venues do not only feature sports events but also concerts and other shows, so I might just get lucky and get to see my favorite artists live.