Are Our Homes Safe?

I don't really know if the crime rate is really rising, or it's just that people are more aware of the threat posed by bad elements in the society. Nevertheless, it's we cannot discount the fact that sometimes we cannot feel safe even in our own homes. Break ins and robberies are becoming more publicized, criminals are becoming more and more audacious! We do need some Home Security Systems in place so that we can protect our family from being victims.

In the seventies when we used to live in our grandparents' compound, we used to have a few break ins from petty thieves. The strategies we used to ensure our Home Security are (1) to hire a security guard and (2) install steel bars on our windows. We realize this didn't work. The security guard we hired oftentimes fell asleep during his duty and steel bars made our home difficult to escape from in case of a fire. We have since moved to a gated community which is actually safer, but we still had 1 case of robbery in our house wherein our airconditioner was taken from one of our side walls. Sigh. We should really research more on what the Best Home Security Surveillance System is for our home.