Safe And Secure Home

We are currently living with my folks right now. While it may not be the most ideal setup, it works for us at the moment. We do dream of someday moving into our own dream house, when we've saved enough. We don't really need a large house, just one big enough for our family, hopefully not too far from our kids' school and our work.

What is non-negotiable for us is the security of our home. That's the reason why we're considering getting ADT home security. ADT is America's leading home security company, so we're trying to see if they have services here. We want an environment wherein we can feel safe leaving our children in the house. That's partly why where still living with my folks. While I have a nanny, I really do not feel safe leaving my kid without someone I trust fully, like my mom. There are so many crimes lately, from burglary, break-ins, kidnapping, that I fear for my family.

If we could afford it, I'd prefer that we live in a gated community with 24 hour security. Even then, it's not a guarantee that break-ins won't occur. Whether or not I get my dream of living in a safe, secure gated village, I'd still put in additional security measures like the ADT home security system that I mentioned earlier. I'd feel safer that way.