I started leave from work last week, but that's not because I'm going to one of those Myrtle Beach Golf Vacations. I'll be giving birth to a bundle of joy, a little girl this time!

Come to think of it, we haven't gone on a vacation in quite a while. That's the problem with parents having very young children. It's kind of difficult to plan for one if you will still worry about your kids. I've heard of a few of our contemporaries who are golf enthusiasts who really take the time out to enjoy their chosen sport and to socialize with other enthusiasts while they're at it. I think they've sometimes availed of some Golf Packages Myrtle Beach. I've looked at their site and the place looks great! Maybe we could go there someday, if there's a Myrtle Beach Golf Package that's fit for absolute beginners like us. I know our son would enjoy it. He has a toy golf set and he likes hitting the balls. Who knows, that just might be his sport!