2 Weeks To Go!

Only 2 more weeks to go, and our little girl is finally going to make her much awaited appearance! I'm now gradually letting go of my clinics -- what I call a "partial leave". On the week of my scheduled CS, I won't be holding clinic at all.

We're cramming though. Am trying to organize our room, throwing away stuff and making room for another member of the family. We even bought a caha de oro (a plastic cabinet brand) so that we can have more space for the children's clothes. Our bags are not packed yet! Well, we still have time, so I'll do it a bit at a time.

The good thing about a second baby and an scheduled Cesarean is that we're not as pressured as our first. I've dugged up my firstborn's old clothes and we're gradually laundering them. Since it's been raining the past few days, we can't dry them under the sun, though. Oh well.

It's a pretty exciting time for us. I hope E will not have too much sibling rivalry and will cherish his baby sister.


Maver said...

lapit na!!! have a safe delivery joey!