Sexy Preggy

People keep commenting that I look much bigger than the usual 5 month pregnant woman, but most commented that I look nice, actually pretty for a pregnant woman. This really does wonders for my self esteem. I do think that despite the fact that wearing sexy lingerie is the furthest from a pregnant woman's mind since our primary concern now is comfort and practicality (of course things are different if we are not), we could still feel beautiful and sexy even while carrying a new life in our womb.

Of course being pregnant is no excuse for not looking good. It's a good thing preggy clothing nowadays are no longer frumpy and are quite fashion forward. After all, women do deserve to look good at any stage of our lives.


earthlingorgeous said...

I would have to agree we shouldn't sacrifice feeling and looking good just because we are pregnant! :)


theworkingmom said...

For some reason, I feel even prettier when I'm pregnant :). Well, during the shopaholic evening I opted to go for comfort because it was like a movie date -- should have dressed up more :)

earthlingorgeous said...

Haha Joey, well usually during events of Nuffnang we dress for comfort but since it was a Shopaholic thing we expected the girls to be fashionable so that's why we were dressed hahaha. It depends on the occasion really. Hope to see you next time and chat some more :)