Exciting Week in Review!

Last week was a pretty exciting (and busy) week for our family. It's especially significant since Ethan figured prominently in those (but when has he not? :)

It started on Sunday, March 15. My cousin's wedding. My son was the bible bearer, and he gets to wear a suit for the first time! It's not his first time to be a bearer. He was ring bearer during my brother's wedding last July (where he also looked very cute in his barong). The difference is that this time he actually walked alone! Sayang lang (It's a pity) he kinda spoiled the effect by turning back down the aisle just when he was about to sit down. Still, I thought that was a milestone for him.

Tuesday, March 17, was my son's moving up day. He actually delivered his lines well! This surprised me because although we were given the lines that he was supposed to sing so that we can try to practice at home, he never really wanted to practice with us. During the impromptu dress rehearsal just before the actual performance, he didn't really get his lines well either. Oh well... But when the time came for him to actually say them, he sang those lines clearly! My heart literally swelled with pride. :)

Their class also did 2 other numbers, both dances for little kids. The first involved 2 sticks and the second involved pompoms. He actually memorized the steps! This was more of a surprise since I didn't really know that there were other numbers aside from the group singing that they did. I loved the performance, but my eyes were mostly glued on my son. Proud mama moment!

Oh, and he got an award -- Excellence in Science! Actually all the kids had some sort of award but he was the only one whose award was different and unique. Nobody else got the same award as he did. The teacher said that it was because he is very interested in their science works and really excels in it. Way to go, son!

I took a leave from work that morning, and it was so worth it!

On Thursday, he had his usual speech therapy session and did very well, according to the speech therapist. She suggested that when his "real" therapist comes back from her maternity leave, we have Ethan reevaluated and then seen by the developmental pediatrician. She feels that Ethan's speech is now at par with his age, so there's a possibility that he may be discharged from therapy soon! Oooh, that made us so happy and so hopeful!

Friday was the PTC (parent teacher conference) day. It was a pity I was not able to go since something came up at the last minute. I did ask my husband about it. The teacher thought that my son had improved so much during the past year. He is now more sociable, he talks more audibly and clearly and he actually participates in his classroom activities. The teacher also noted that Ethan is more of a kinesthetic learner who learns more by doing. We should keep that in mind!

The rest of the week was a blur of work...I've added another clinic schedule since there was an opening. I believe that Someone is watching over us. We truly needed it since we are saving money for my expected CS delivery in June AND my son's tuition for the next year. Someone was watching over us and giving us opportunities in order to do those...I'm grateful for all the blessings that have come my way.


earthlingorgeous said...

Wow you had a PTC too :) .I think most kids do learn by exploring on their own. It's so great to hear good feedback from our kids teacher noh? A great reward :)

theworkingmom said...

Yes, it certainly is! At least we know how our child is progressing. It's also nice to know that the teachers take the time to understand each student.