The Other Side Of The Coin...

I remember when I was getting married, most discussions I've had with people who were also preparing for their weddings didn't really take into account the dilemma of parents.

Since I've been down that path before, I truly understand it if the invitation does not include the kids, since reception food is expensive and the wedding couple would not like to spend so much money on kids who would waste their food and run around the venue. The same applies to yayas. Instead of feeding the yaya, the couple would much rather feed another friend or relative who they've had to strike off their guest list because of budget and/or space constraints.

But now that I'm a parent myself, I do understand the dilemma of parents. I've gone to some weddings with my husband but without my kid, and some weddings without both of them. I've attended my brother's wedding where my son is a ring bearer. My brother understood however, that the yaya has to come. Nevertheless, even with the yaya, my son still proved to be quite a handful.

Now we have been invited again to another wedding, and the invite says 3 people. That means my husband, my son and I. My son is a bible bearer so he really has to be there, both for his duty and because the groom happens to be my cousin. However, since only 3 are invited in my little family, that means no yaya. Unfortunately, pregnant me has some contractions whenever I exert too much, so that means no running after the kid and no lifting the kid. I guess that means the Daddy has to exert more patience and more effort. Oh well, I guess that is really part of being a parent.