Learning Something New

With the recent economic downturn, everybody is feeling the pinch of the recession. Although people are saying that my profession is considered to be "recession-proof" since people will still seek medical help in any type of economic situation, the truth is that people tend to hold off going to the doctor while they still feel that they can manage the situation themselves. Thus, we see fewer patients in clinics, except those who are covered by HMO's and who'd want to maximize their benefits. I'm also looking at a maternity leave 3 months from now, which means that I won't be bringing in any income from my profession during the 2 months that I will be full time mom to my newborn daughter.

I've been having some ideas about an online business for a few months now, but what's keeping me from taking the plunge is the indecision regarding the best webhosting for my needs and the fact that I'll be risking some of my hard earned money. Well, they do say that you have to risk something if you really want something badly. There is a lot to learn, including how to use Fantastico, but I'm confident that I'll be able to learn this if I really really put my mind into it. Good thing there are sites like webhostinggeeks.com which really gives me a lot of information.