Dneero and Twitter!

If you haven't joined Dneero yet, you can join through this link.

dNeero will now be igniting conversations inside of Twitter ... and you'll get paid for responding.
Twitter's about micro blogging ... dNeero's about conversations ... dNeero in Twitter is about micro conversations.
Our lives are an aggregate of a gazillion things we do ... and those that follow us would like to know ... "had a rough day", "boss is on my nerves", "my stocks are up - YAY!", "had an accident ... at emergency room ... I'm OK", "connected w/ Tom on Facebook ... he's my grade school squeeze", dNeero asked if I made a stranger smile this morning -- "Heck, yes, it was John, the bus driver."
NOTE: This is an Access Code only conversation. To get the Access Code you need to

1. follow us on Twitter
2. reply to one of the questions that starts with "Q:$0.10:"
3. add your Twitter username to your dNeero account (in Account Settings)
4. sit back and wait an hour... we collect Twitter answers every hour or so

Once you do those things you'll see the Access Code just after login on the 'Your Account' page.