He Didn't Cry!

We went to Medical City last Saturday, both for my prenatal checkup and for our little boy to have a follow up check up with his pediatrician.

My prenatal check went ok. We had E go into the consultation room when my OB placed the Doppler probe over my tummy. He was able to hear the sound of my baby's heartbeat. Now, he sometimes lifts my shirt up to kiss it. Then he would point at it and say "sound hoo-hoo-hoo" (the sound of the heartbeat that he heard from the Doppler). :) Aliw :) (So amusing)

We then went up to his Pediatrician's clinic. He was actually better already from the cough that he had suffered from about 2 weeks ago, but we just wanted to make sure that everything's ok. He seemed fine, and even gained back the weight that he lost when he got sick. Since it was already due, we also decided to have him get his annual flu shot. It's been quite a while since his last vaccination, so we were almost expecting him to cry, like the last time he had his shots. Surprising, he didn't! He just made a face and when it was all over, my husband and I applauded and praised him for being such a good boy! His pediatrician placed a band aid with a picture of a fish (looks a bit like Dory from Finding Nemo but not really). After we went home, he keeps telling everybody that "tusok diyan Ninang Zeka" (Ninang Zeka poked me there with a needle), "Ouchie", "Sticker fish" and "Galing Ethan" (Ethan is so good!).

He turned our doctors' visits into such a nice experience! Way to go, E!


Jane said...

What a brave little boy. :)

theworkingmom said...

Hi, Jane! Thanks so much for the visit :)

We were so proud of him because he was so brave. :)