Next Time I Go To Florida....

The first and only time I've even been to Florida was in 1998 (!). I was going to New Orleans for the convention of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. On the way to New Orleans, we stopped by Orlando, Florida for 2 days of vacation. We stayed in a motel operated by the Best Western Chain. The 2 days was not enough to explore Florida. We had fun touring Epcot Center despite rains during the time that we were there.

I'm sure it would be great place to bring my family. The next time I go, however, I'd look up some Florida rentals instead of staying in a hotel. I've recently learned that there are actually some vacation rentals by owner. I think these would be better options for a family on a vacation. In fact, I think I'd look up vacation rentals instead of hotels whenever I would be traveling with my family. It's more economical especially for longer stays, and the family have more space and more rooms! There's also a lot more privacy than the usual hotel.

There are actually so many things to do in Florida. There's the world famous Disney World, which is not just one park, but 4! You'd need at least 4 days for that. There's also Sea World and Universal Studios. I've been to Universal Studios in California but not in Florida so I'd love to see it too. I'm sure my family would enjoy it too. Now, when to go is the question.