Hospital Gowns

Have you ever been admitted in a hospital or taken cared of somebody who had to be hospitalized? Being sick is not the easiest feeling in the world, to say the least. Hospital gowns, while they do make patients a little more comfortable also makes the patient a little too exposed. Sure, it's easy to access certain body parts because it's easy to open, but then you have to more or less expose more area than the patient is willing to and more than what is needed to be exposed.

For example, I wore the hospital gown after I gave birth and I tried breastfeeding my little boy wearing the gown. I couldn't really figure out how to expose one of my breasts without actually exposing my whole chest. And I believe breastfeeding is a lot easier than having to undergo breast surgery or radiation! The Original Healing Threads Wrap solves that problem beautifully. Instead of the usual plain shapeless robe with closure ties at either the back (which sometimes shows a little too much from the back) or wraps around and ties at the front, this is s a tailored, close-fitting hospital robe that ties around the waist and wraps around the body to define the patient’s shape. The garment unwraps as needed to expose as little or as much of the person’s back as necessary.

Also, unlike the hospital gowns available here which make use of thin, almost see-through cotton fabric which does not protect the patient from the cold air conditioning, the healing threads wrap's fabric is an extremely soft, skin-sensitive micro-fiber with adjustable sleeves. From the picture, it does not look as see-through as the conventional hospital gown.

I wish the hospitals had these types of gown, but being in the hospitals myself, I know how tight budget can be. I guess if you can afford it, you might want to order a few of these gowns especially if you know that you'll be going to need a lot of medical care. It does somehow preserve a bit of the patient's dignity. Being sick is no walk in the park, and patients need all the help they can in order to feel just a little bit better.