Better, More Economical and Proven

If you have a business relying heavily on information technology but do not have the budget to set up your own IT department, you might want to consider team foundation server hosting.

Tfs hosting may well end up to be a more affordable choice, since you practically let an outside team of IT experts do all your IT and software jobs at a fixed fee. You no longer have to worry about employees' salaries and benefits. You no longer have to worry about personnel problems like absenteeism and unprofessionalism. You do not have to worry that your small office cannot allot space for an IT department. You don't have to interview applicants for work at the IT department and choose the one who seems to fit your needs, then turn out to be a lemon. That's because there's now software as a service tfs. The bonus is that this is even more economical in the long run, compared to setting up infrastructure for IT that may become obsolete in a few years, whether or not you use it.