Living (Small) Space

My husband and I took the heart the lessons from Robert Kiyosaki. We decided to make a reservation on a small condo unit in order to hopefully have a future source of recurring income. Our plans to have our own place is pushed a bit into the future because as of the moment, what we can afford is a space too small for our growing family. But it's not to small to rent out and earn a living from.

We are pondering on whether we should put in some living room furniture since the space is so small (20 square meters only). We do know that we could rent it out for a higher price if we furnish the place. Hence, we are currently browsing through the displays at the living room furniture store for possible double-duty furnitures. We're thinking of placing sofa beds for its obvious double use as sofa by day and bed at night, maybe a few leatherette ottomans which could also serve as a substitute for coffee tables or extra seating if there are a lot of guests.

Trying to furnish a small space is definitely turning out to be a challenge, but it's a pretty exciting challenge!


Oatmeal Runner said...

Can I make a suggestion? A Murphy bed is a great slim piece of furniture, which can sit against your wall but double as a bed when your guests need it.

Check out this company!