Melamine in Milk

I've found another reason to be grateful that I breastfed my son. The recent controversy regarding melamine found in milk from China has had worldwide implications. It seems that cheap milk in China have been used in everything that requires milk, including ice cream, candies, etc.

Around 50 thousand Chinese infants got sick and 4 have already died.

This is a great embarrassment and a great blow to the image of China, who have been striving for years for a better PR and is positioning itself for a better economic position.

I feel for the children who are affected, the parents of the children who are affected, and the Chinese people too. It has more lasting effects than the perpetuators ever realize. This, to my mind, is even worse than the toy scandal. At least, with toys, these are not meant to be put in the mouth. With infant formula and milk, these are supposed to be part of the diet, more especially for infants whose only sustenance is the milk.


Sophie said...

That's why breatst milk is always best for babies... and that's also the reason why Anjelina Jolie beats feeds her babies.. :)