Portable Business

I'm currently working a new website -- what I hope will be a good online business for my family. You see, although my husband and I are both physicians, we believe that we should spend a lot of time with our kids, hence we're not really spending ALL our time in our practice. The problem with a medical practice is that no presence = no patients = no income. Hence, we really need an alternative source of income, one that we can operate from home or from wherever we are.

The in-thing right now is having a business online. This is a good thing because with the internet, you can actually work from home. Or even between patients. Or even on vacation. It's practically "portable"! That is, if you have a good website and a good internet service provider so you can provide the online services and support that are needed for your business. You also have to determine what sort of web hosting would be best suited for your needs (is it joomla web hosting, or UNIX?) How familiar are you with web hosting terms?

Since I'm not getting a computer programmer and I'm no computer expert, I'm going with Wordpress because that's what I know best. I'll let you know when our pet project is out. (Keeping fingers crossed!)