Not Much Progress Yet...

I mentioned in my previous post that I am working on a website project. I've got the hosting, I've got the domain name and I pretty much have the idea of what I want. It will initially be done on the wordpress platform, since I am doing it myself and need something I can easily understand since I am no computer programmer. I am aware though that I may eventually need the services of Denver Search Engine Optimization if I want our website to be easily searchable through Google and other search engines and to have a higher ranking.

Because I am currently busy with being (temporarily) a stay-at-home breastfeeding mom (since I'm on self imposed maternity leave) and my boy is currently sick :(, my website is coming along VERY slowly. Oh well, as long as it's progressing, I'm happy. There are things in life that just have to come first, and my family is definitely it.