I Want My Kids Into Sports Too

I'll make a confession. As far as sports is concerned, I am more of a spectator rather than a participant. I am not sure if it's innate in my personality, or it's the way that I was brought up. Unlike boys wherein they are encouraged to be more physical and to engage in sports, girls are supposed to be more laid back and reserved. And SJCS students (which I was) were criticized to be nerdy. That's part of my reservations about sending my kids there, that they will focus only on academics (which is admittedly very good, if not one of the best) and not on sports.

I'd still like my kids, both my son and my daughter, to have some sort of sport of their own. I may not be much of a participant, but I love watching tennis. I know my husband plays tennis. Strangely, I have never seen him play though, maybe he needs a new tennis balls and a racket. But maybe he can teach the kids.

Not being a sports person is tough when it comes to buying the right equipment for the sports. Fortunately there are now sites like shopwiki.com that actually helps you choose the right equipment for different types of sports by listing their features so that even clueless people like me would have a better idea of what best to buy.