Dream House

Since we don't have our own house yet, we've been dreaming about it and designing it in our heads. The advantage of not having a house yet is that it affords you the luxury of dreaming up what you want and don't want, especially if you're gonna have it built rather than buy it ready made already.

We are thinking of at least a 3 bedroom house, with en suite baths, a lanai and a small garden, a big carport, lots of natural light and air circulation via well placed windows and extra rooms for our own personal hobbies.

It's gonna cost a lot of money, but, hey, dreaming is free so we'll enjoy dreaming for the meantime. Anyway, whatever kind of house we get, whether or not we get the house of our dreams, we have to protect what will be our biggest family asset with home insurance. So far, I like what Houston Home Insurance offers, as aside from the house itself, it covers for the possessions inside the house and protection of your house against lawsuits.

Well, we certainly hope that we'll soon get and move into our dream house. Maybe, I'll win in the lotto or something? :P