I Need Shoes!

I need a new pair of shoes. Seriously. The last dressy pair (the one I use almost everywhere) gave out just before I gave birth. Now, I'm surviving on a pair of rubber clogs, just because I'm on maternity leave and not going anywhere for a while.

Unlike most women who buy shoes on a whim, I actually buy shoes only when I need them. I'd like to maximize their use so I'd look for a comfortable style that I can bring to the office, wear with either jeans or something a little dressier. Something versatile. In fact, when I bought my wedding shoes, I actually bought a pair that I could use for later parties and events! So when I say I need shoes, I really do!

That's why it takes a long time for me to find the "IT" shoes each time. Not to mention that IT has to fit my budget aside from the criteria above. It's good that you can actually do comparison shopping for shoes online. And not only shoes but also socks and stockings that should go with the shoes. That's certainly a godsend for someone like me!