Car Search

We need (and want!) a new car! Both me and my husband need a car to go to work, bring E to school and run errands. The number coding system here in Manila also makes it more difficult for us not to have a second, or even third car because once a week, the car is virtually useless unless we leave very early and come home very late. The "grace period" does not apply to us since we live in San Juan City during the work week -- they do not honor this grace period.

Looking at different car models and deciding on which one is the best for us is half the fun. It also allows us to give our imaginations as to what to get free rein, whether or not we can really afford it.

For example, a mercedes benz would definitely be something to drool over. Beautiful, classic, timeless and durable. However, it's way out of our (financial reach). Maybe a nissan altima? Still looks beautiful, and most probably more affordable than the mercedes. But I wonder if it is fuel efficient? And would it be the right size for our growing family? A dodge 1500, but it seems that the cabin space is not very large, probably just the same as a sedan. So there's really no advantage for us since we do not need a truck bed. Well, for our budget, we may have to settle for a kia, which has gained considerable reputation as regards its reliability despite its lower cost. We'd probably have to check out the bigger models in order to fit our at least 6 people -- COMFORTABLY.

I'd like to check out more vehicles, and it's good that we can now check them out online (before actually going to the dealership and checking out the real thing) and doing a side-by-side comparison. After all, we do need to make sure that the (huge) money we plunk down to buy our vehicle would be worth it and something which really fits our needs.