It's Going To Be A Challenge...

A 3 week old and a 3 year old.
Me recovering from a Cesarean operation.
No yaya (nanny).

For 2 weeks.

Will we adjust? Well, I've been rather spoiled actually, being in the Philippines and all, so I haven't really tried that out. But others have been doing it.

And it's not as if I totally don't get any help. There's hubby who can bring our 3 year old to toddler school (about 5 mins. drive away -- or even less). There's my mom, who can -- and wants -- to cook traditional Chinese ge-lai food for me. There's my mother's laundress, who has volunteered to take over washing my kids' clothes and my mother's all around girl, who I can call in when I need some assistance.

And, of course, there's me, who is able bodied and can do mommy tasks. I've been taking care of my baby 99% of the time anyway.

Just need to get my bearings. Just need to simplify our life. Just need to know how to manage our free time. But we'll make it.


toni said...

YES YOU CAN DO IT!!!! :) :) :)

dowadee said...

was so spoiled too but when i got here in Malaysia was on my own especially when i became a stay-at-home mom. =) you can do it!go go go! =)