How Do You Receive Your Mail?

Mailboxes are not really not "in" here in the Philippines. The kartero or mailman usually prefers to hand it over to someone he happens to see in the house. This is a good way to make sure the mail gets received, I guess, but during working hours, you cannot always count on anyone being around.

If it happens that he does not see anyone, he would rather just insert it between the grilles of the gate even if there are there's a mailbox or a slot for letters and bills. The problem with this is that sometimes the mail gets blown away by the wind, gets wet when it rains, or simply stays there for days/months/weeks exposed to the elements if the occupants of the house happen to be away for a period of time.

In spite of the penchant of Philippine mailmen for ignoring the mailboxes, I still like the look of those. They are both functional and decorative, and I still hope that someday, the mailmen would realize that it's better to use mailboxes to keep the mail in good shape and to ensure that the occupants would not lose their mail.