T-shirts For Everybody

The latter part of last year showed a resurgence in the demand of T-shirts. T-shirts were the cool things to wear when I was a teenager in the eighties and even in the early nineties, when it was fashionable to wear oversized white shirts with various prints untucked into jeans then rolling up the sleeves to show off more of your arms.

Now, it's fashionable again, although the T-shirts nowadays are sexier looking, hug close to the body, and are not limited to white colors. The designs are also more edgy.

A friend bought one of those Beatles t-shirts for my small son, and I loved the design so much! My son couldn't care less, of course! What do you expect, as a toddler, all he cares about is comfort and not design, which is another advantage of a T-shirt with a soft fabric.

Since I adore Spiderman and his very "human" superhero, I also got my kid some Spiderman t-shirts which are not only look great, but also feel very comfortable!

As for the men in the family who were all fans of the long-running but now defunct comedy, I am planning to get them Seinfeld t-shirts so they can relive the good old days when the show was still playing.


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