Most people can't resist freebies. I can't, especially free books and free magazines! Admit it, sometimes we buy things for the sake of getting the free stuff!

During medical conventions, we also get free samples of new medications so that we can try them out to see if they do work. When I was still a medical intern, I went gaga over things like free notepads and folders and free generic prescription pads, all with the drug or company's name prominently displayed, of course. I have lots of pens, which I find really useful as I use (and sometimes lose) a lot of them. Now, I've learned to go to the more useful stuff that won't clutter up my home. Any excess I give away to equally excited, freebie-loving people.

There's now a site for freebie-lovers like us. Check out They even have a newsletter (for free, of course!) that lets you know the latest freebies available.