Last Christmas...

...was unbelievably busy. And money-draining too! That's the problem with self-employed individuals like doctors, we only get paid if and when we see patients, and since our clinic is closed, we can't see patients at all!

I got invited to numerous Christmas parties, but I only attended a few (maybe only 3) during the whole season because my evening sickness was at its peak.

Oh well, Christmas is still a happy season, and with a very energetic 3 year old dynamo (who gave his parents no rest at all), it was a riot! He could already appreciate things related to the Christmas season, including Christmas songs, Christmas lights, Baby Jesus, Santa Claus, gift opening, Christmas tree! It's just so much more fun to experience Christmas through a child's eye.

The start of January 2009, though, was not very good for us. My mom had an accident and had to undergo hip replacement surgery. Will blog about this in a separate post.

Right now, what the family is looking forward to is the Chinese New Year. I'm teaching my son to say "Kiong Hee Huat Tsay..." It's a pity my mom would not be able to attend the Chinese New Year's dinner at my grandmother's house since she still has difficulty moving around.


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