How Did You Shop?

The Christmas season is over. You are left wondering if you've chosen the right gifts for the right persons. In the face of today's economy, the reality is that our budget for gifts (in fact our budget for EVERYTHING), is slashed way down. In my case, I did not have to contend only with a much smaller budget, but also with much less desire to join the other shoppers in the mad Christmas shopping rush in the malls.

I'm glad there's now the option of shopping online. Not only do I get to avoid the crowds, I get to check the products (and their prices) online before actually buying them, all from the comfort of my home. I got to compare different stainless steel decors which look good in any home and would make good all-occasion gifts (could also be great wedding, birthday or housewarming gifts).

I know my husband would love to have a gaming console, so I've checked out the popular ones like xbox, playstation 3 (he has a very old playstation 1) and Nintendo Wii (I think Wii sports toppled Mario Brothers as the best selling game of all time). Unfortunately, my budget didn't stretch that far yet. Maybe I'll have enough budget on his birthday (wishing!)

I'm just glad it's so easy to shop online nowadays, what with shopwiki online. Not only do you get to compare prices from different stores, you actually get more information a


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