Trick or Treat!

Last October 27 was the Saturday before November 1. Our village decided to hold our annual Halloween program on this day, since there was a long break after that.

They no longer allowed outsiders unlike the previous years. This was really good for us. What happened before was the outsiders ended up getting all the candy and eating all the food prepared since they all roamed the village trick o' treating while the village children were participating in the program for halloween. Last year, by the time the program finished, we hardly had any snacks left and when we roamed, most houses had already run out of treats! When I looked around, the unfamiliar faces also included adults in costume! Oh well.... We were only able to get 2 pcs of treats from a village of 300+ houses. Imagine that!

We didn't buy any special costume this year. We just decided to work with what we already have. Since Ethan had overalls in his wardrobe, we just decided to dress him in it. His toys included plastic tools (hammer, wrench, saw, drill) so we decided to let him bring it around. Tadahhh!!!! Meet "Bob the Builder"! Well, other people actually didn't think he was in costume, coz he looked like he was just wearing his regular clothes, which he was :). It was pretty "trying hard", if you get what I mean. It would probably be better if we put a hard hat on him, but knowing my son, that hat wouldn't last more than 5 seconds. :)

Oh, yaya was carrying Ethan while I registered at the front desk. When I turned around, I couldn't find them! I was frantic, even if I knew that the place was safe!

It turned out that Marvin Agustin (a local entertainer), made an appearance and people crowded around to have a picture taken with him. That included my star struck yaya who was easily convinced to have their picture taken. But of course since it was not our camera, we don't have a copy of the picture! Oh well, we'll just have to wait for our community paper. The photographers assured us that they will print the pics there.

We went around the village. Ethan had more candy this year! Much much more! His pumpkin basket was full, as well as an extra cloth bag that we brought along. He also got an orange balloon (this was actually his favorite treat). He seemed to enjoy this second Halloween more than the previous one. I guess it's both because of his age (he's now two) and because of the fact that we got more treats this year!

So, are we going to participate again next year? You betcha!