All Saint's Day and a Dead Car Battery

November 1 is the day when we traditionally converge in the cemeteries to visit the graves of our dearly departed.

Since my relatives were buried in DasmariƱas, Cavite, it was decided that I'll go with my mom and brothers since it was quite a long trip. We'll meet with our other relatives there. We didn't want to bring my son because we were expecting a crush of people. My husband stayed with him.

Even before we took off, we already encountered problems with the vehicle. A new battery was just installed a few days ago. The engine seemed to be running fine when tested, in fact my brother just started it about 30 minutes before we were due to leave and moved it out of the garage. All our stuff were already in it.

When everybody was already prepared to leave, the SUV suddenly couldn't start! The battery indicator showed a black color, which means that is dead. What happened? We couldn't figure it out at all.

We had to transfer to a smaller car.

Later, after the trip, when we had the car checked by the drivers of our neighbors, they told us that the connections were loose. Huh? My husband checked them before the trip and he didn't think so. But when the necessary adjustments were done, the SUV could start again!

What happened? Probably one of those mysteries we couldn't really explain. But it's better that it occurred while we haven't left. It would have been worse for us if the car trouble happened when we were already on the road.