Comfort Food

Got this from Mhay....My comfort food is....


I would have to say that my comfort food would have to be soupy dishes. Be it Filipino Nilaga, Chinese Si Bhut, steaming Hot Pot (shabu shabu), Japanese Miso Soup, or even a bowl of mami at Masuki....Even Campbell's cream of mushroom soup!

Of course, that's if the weather is not that hot!

If it's sweltering....hmmm, an ice cold glass of Coke, maybe? :D

Let's see, what are your comfort foods, Garf, Jackie, Jerlalou?


Sharon said...

I have to agree with soup. Living in Canada which is cold most of the year, there is nothing like a nice hot bowl of vegetable soup. Personally, I could eat a couple of bowls of soup and forfeit the rest of the meal.

Petra said...

Oh, you making me hungry. I like nilagang baboy and tinolang bangus.

Norm said...

masarap yan! kaya lang bawal na sa akin ang baboy....hehehe

Mec said...

thanks for the award ganda :)

and my comfort food is cake and ice cream and skittles and snickers and musketeers and i eat a lot of them now... i need comforting most times eh :D